EOS UX Working Group

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About us

EOX UX Working Group

The EOS User Experience Working Group was founded by Fractal and other prominent user experience professionals from the EOS ecosystem. Our goal with this initiative is to provide best practices and insights from the most experienced professionals in design and user research our community has to offer.

EOS has many user experience hurdles it needs to address. Many community and commercial projects have been understaffed and underfunded in these early days. As passionate practitioners of UX and design, we believe that creating a working group dedicated to helping solve these problems will lead to positive business outcomes for the entire network.

Our current committee members are:

  • Steve Floyd - Fractal
  • Raleigh Felton - Fractal
  • Hugo Campanella - HKEOS
  • Dominique Deschatre - EOS Rio
  • Dylan Tull - EOS Detroit
  • Daniel Beere - HireVibes